2019’s Top 10 Unique Engagement Rings For That One-of-a-Kind Girl

2019’s Top 10 Unique Engagement Rings For That One-of-a-Kind Girl

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a hugely important job you may have to do very soon.

If that is the case, there are a few strategies you can take to find the perfect ring for you. You have the choice to go to your local jewelry store, buy a typical ring, and go on with your day.

On the other hand, you can find a truly unique ring that will reflect the uniqueness of your partner. In doing so, you will show them the effort that you are willing to put in by buying and finding such a unique ring that speaks to the love that you have for them and how it, and they, are one of a kind.

Here are some truly unique engagement rings that you should consider before popping the question.

1. Colored Gems

Colored diamonds were unheard of until only recently. Now, they are all the rage in trends.

Everything from green to blue diamonds is well regarded by brides-to-be, as they can be a fashion statement on top of being an eternal promise to a loved one.

The best-colored gems are actually naturally colored. Specifically, using an emerald or sapphire as a centerpiece seems like a great call that your partner is likely to appreciate fully.

2. East-West Setting

Definitely the best trend in terms of design, east-west settings are of the top engagement ring trends for 2019. East-west rings feature a diamond centerpiece that is placed in a strange orientation or position, allowing for the attention to be placed on the uniqueness of the diamond.

If your partner values traditional diamonds but still wants something unique to her, an east-west setting may be best as the only aspect of the diamond that changes is the positioning.

3. Cluster of Diamonds

Though many brides value one large diamond to stand out and give their rings a centerpiece, some people are starting to appreciate clusters now. Clusters do not feature one central diamond, but rather a design that includes various smaller diamonds.

Cluster designs are where artistic creativity can truly flow through to the diamond, in order to create a ring that looks unique and reflects the spirit of your partner.

4. Split Rings

Split engagement rings are very fashionable and provide a different look to a ring by featuring your diamond even more heavily. Split rings show off the diamond as the center, connecting points between what seems like two bands.

If you are trying to bring attention to your partner’s diamond or are looking for more fashionable design, split rings are unique engagement rings that still look great.

5. Mixing Metals

Before today, the metal in an engagement ring was merely meant to be a support for the main focus of attention, the diamond. Now, though, the metals themselves are receiving attention and are the points of trends. In this case, a mixture of metals is a good move in 2019.

Mixing metals in the band of a ring gives the ring many unique qualities and can be interpreted in different ways. In can show the duality of a person, a relationship, or even a moment. This is a great trend to take advantage of in 2019.

6. Moon Inspired

Humans have always been inspired by the moon in their art and jewelry, and this inspiration is making its way onto engagement rings. Now, many rings are reflecting the design of the moon and stars in the night sky in its diamond cuts, as well as the shapes and features near the band.

If your partner loves astrology, the moon, or the sky itself, a moon inspired ring is a unique gift that they may love.

7. Strange Shapes

Just like the moon provides a “strange shape” for the diamond cut, other strange shapes are also surrounding the market.

Many of these stranger shapes are now becoming popular in the mainstream but are still considered unique. It is actually sometimes harder to find a ring with simply a circular shape now.

These shapes include pear or tear-drop shaped diamonds, both of which are very popular for brides-to-be in 2019.

8. Thick Bands

Bands have always been an afterthought for rings, but now they are seen as essential in the design and delivery of rings. These are also a source for uniqueness in the ring, as most people will sport a relatively thin metal band.

Now, though, thick bands can also be considered a trend in wedding rings. These thick bands can be made of metal, or they can also be an extension of the diamond. This makes the central aspect of the ring extent throughout, almost making it an engagement band.

9. Triple Stones

After the publicity that Megan Markle’s engagement ring received, a certain trend suddenly exploded on the market: the triple stones. This is the design that Prince Harry chose, and was soon after the design that many brides-to-be preferred in order to copy the choice.

The triple stone design features three central diamonds, one middle one larger than the other two, on the ring. While these rings may be pricier, they are a beautiful trend to use.

10. Keep It In the Family

A final key trend that many people are starting to appreciate is the sentimental value behind an antique ring. Many women are now looking to be proposed with a ring that has a history behind it, as the meaningfulness behind a ring like this is unquestionable.

If you have a ring that has been passed down through generations, look to use the historical message behind that ring to help you in your proposal.

Finding the Best Unique Engagement Rings

When choosing unique engagement rings, remember that a design that is too unique may sometimes be unflattering or unfashionable.

Be sure to choose a ring that your partner will appreciate but still want to wear with pride because of the beauty of it.

If you need help finding the ideal engagement ring before you pop the question, be sure to check out our extensive collection.



Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Are you ready to take things to the next level in your relationship? There’s no better way to commit to each other than by saying “I do” in front of all your friends and family.

But before you can get to the altar, you’ll need to find the perfect ring to propose with. This may seem easy enough–you just walk into a jewelry store and see what catches your eye, right?

Well, not quite. There are a lot of aspects to choosing a ring that you should think about, such as size, metal color, diamond cut, and engagement ring trends.

If your soon-to-be fiancee is always up on the latest styles, you’ll want to get her a trendy and chic ring.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn the top engagement ring trends of 2019 that will help you find the perfect ring.

Yellow Gold

White gold has been dominating the market for quite a few years now. While you can still find yellow and rose gold without a problem, there’s no denying that white gold has been the popular choice.

However, this is predicted to change in 2019. Many couples are going to be opting for yellow gold to bring another traditional element back into their rings.

Two-Toned Rings

Of course, no one trend can sweep the engagement ring market overnight. White gold will still be a popular choice.

If you can’t choose between the two, consider opting for a two-toned ring. This is predicted to be another big trend in 2019 with couples opting to mix white gold with either rose gold or yellow gold.

Many come in braided, stacked, or woven styles to perfectly interconnect the two metals.

Three Diamonds

Why settle for just one diamond when you can get three? If you want to add a little extra bling to her ring but aren’t a fan of halos, this trend is for you.

The center diamond is surrounded by two slightly-smaller diamonds on each side. It makes for a simple, modern, and luxurious ring all in one.

Colored Stones

Who says an engagement ring has to contain a diamond? Not only are diamonds a very expensive choice, but they’re the traditional choice, too.

This means that couples on the lookout for affordable or unique options are flocking to colored stones. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires join diamonds as the four most precious stones. They all come in vibrant hues and are very durable, making them great options for engagement rings.

Blue, in particular, is predicted to be trending in 2019. If you aren’t a fan of sapphire, look into aquamarine and topaz as alternatives. Of course, you can also opt for a colored diamond if you want to mix unique colors into a traditional diamond ring.

Colored Accent Stones

What can you do if you want to add some color, but don’t want to give up that traditional white diamond? Well, many couples have asked that same question.

This is why colored accent stones are predicted to be trending in 2019. It’s the perfect way to highlight the clear brilliance of the center diamond and add a stone or color that’s meaningful to you as a couple.

Unique Halos

It’s no secret that halos have been a huge trend of 2018. This trend is going to continue into 2019 with a twist.

Halos are most commonly found mimicking the classic diamond shapes, such as circle and cushion. But in the upcoming year, they’ll be in more creative and detailed shapes.

Look out for floral-inspired halos and geometric halos, like hexagons. These give the ring a distinctive appearance that’s perfect for those looking to add a unique touch to the traditional diamond ring.

Thin Diamond Bands

There have been a lot of thin diamond bands in stores recently. And it’s no wonder why! These bands add extra sparkle and shine to a ring without detracting from the center diamond.

That’s why this trend is expected to continue into 2019 and beyond.

Pear and Oval Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds have been all the rage for the past few years. However, in 2019, its pear and oval diamonds that are expected to take center stage.

Almost 57% of all diamonds sold nationwide are round. This shape has stayed strong for years, even through the huge princess cut trend.

Pear and oval diamonds are amazing options because they have a similar feel and sparkle to round diamonds, but the elongated or tapered shape helps them stand out.

Gallery Detailing

At some point in your life, you’re sure to have heard someone say, “it’s all in the details.” This is true when it comes to decorating your home and planning your wedding, as well as picking out the perfect engagement ring.

Just because you want a simple ring, doesn’t mean you can’t add some extra details. That’s why we’ve already seen gallery detailing becoming popular in 2018, and why it’s going to make even a bigger splash in 2019.

But what is a “gallery” exactly? Well, this is the area between the center diamond and the actual band. You can add details in the form of extra diamonds or designs in the gallery to keep the ring simple and elegant while adding a special touch.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

If your soon-to-be-finacee’s style is elaborate and vintage, you’re in luck. 2019 is going to see a big surge in antique and vintage-inspired engagement rings.

Many of the above trends can come together to form this style. An oval or pear diamond, yellow gold, and gallery detailing can all be used together make a gorgeous vintage ring. Unique halos are another trend that can also be used to create a vintage look.

2019 Engagement Ring Trends

If your soon-to-be fiancee is always up on the latest trends, her ring should follow some of 2019’s biggest engagement ring trends. We hope this list has helped give you some inspiration to find the perfect ring for your perfect woman.

Do you want to give her a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring? Then contact us today to learn more about our custom jewelry design services. 



Rubies, the July Birthstone, historically represent passion and courage.

Rubies, the July Birthstone, historically represent passion and courage.

Rubies are a corundum gemstone along with sapphires. They are one of the most prized gemstones in existence and can be one of the most expensive. Rubies have been considered the king of all gems. Metaphysically rubies bestow fortune and bravery upon the wearer. In ages gone by women wore them for fertility and peace. The ruby is a universal sign of love and is often set alongside diamonds in engagement rings. In comparison with other gemstones, rubies are very rare. Rubies get their color from the trace element chromium. The darker the red, the more expensive the gem.

The world’s largest producer of rubies is Burma. They are also found in the United States, Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. They are among the top four most rare and prized gemstones. The other three are diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. The most prized rubies are called blood-red or pigeon bloodstones. They are one of the hardest gems on earth only superseded by diamonds and moissanite. Because of the color and durability, they are widely used in high-end fine jewelry. They can range in color from pink to dark red. On an interesting note, synthetic rod rubies are widely used in lasers.

Moses Jewelers have custom designed many of wedding and engagement rings with rubies. We’ve pretty much used them in all jewelry pieces including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, fashion pieces, signet rings, and pendants. If you have the idea and desire for a ruby custom design, we are the experts. We can custom design jewelry in person or through our convenient online form or by phone at (210) 490-2404. We can work with just about any budget and offer to finance.



The May Birthstone – The Emerald, An Ancient Gem.

The May Birthstone – The Emerald, An Ancient Gem.

Emeralds are the may gemstone. Emerald in ancient Persia was known as the green gem.  In the Papyrus Prisse, one of the oldest books in the world, emeralds are mentioned, in the translated text it means, “but good words are more difficult to find than the emerald, for it is by slaves that it is discovered among the rocks.” Emeralds were seen as rare gems. Emeralds were one of the first beryl gems to be discovered and documented. Emeralds were also prized by the Incas of Peru when they were discovered in Colombia. Emeralds were also prized by the Aztecs. Spanish conquistadors took thousands of emeralds back to Spain and also used them for trade. Royalty throughout the world has prized emeralds.

Colombia to this day still has the most prized emeralds, because of their quality and color. Emeralds get their color from trace amounts of chromium, this tends to form gems with the purest green colors. Other trace elements of vanadium and iron can be found in Brazil and Zimbabwe, but the color of the emeralds is not as green as the Colombian emeralds. Color and clarity are the most important factors in rating an emerald. Practically all emeralds have inclusions but oftentimes they do not detract from the value unless severe.

Emeralds are a great addition to wedding rings and are used widely in fashion rings and pendants. They can be incorporated in just about any type of jewelry. In a custom design, our jewelry design experts can show you exactly how the emerald will look in your piece before you make a final decision. Use our convenient online form or give us a call to start discussing your custom designed jewelry at (210) 490-2404.



The April Birthstone – Diamonds, the hardest most popular gemstone.

The April Birthstone – Diamonds, the hardest most popular gemstone.

Diamonds are 58 times harder than any other gemstone on earth. The can only be cut with other diamonds. They are the most popular gemstone for wedding rings but are an excellent choice for everyday wear. DIamonds historically are popular as a clear bright cut gemstone. In recent times however colors such as yellow, pink, blue and chocolate have become used widely and are just as durable and beautiful as their clear counterparts. Diamonds can and are used in just about any piece of jewelry. Historians believe that diamonds have been used and traded as early as 4BC.

Diamonds symbolize eternal and lasting love and harmony. This is why they are used widely in wedding rings and jewelry that symbolize love. Metaphysically they are used for healing and balance and are thought to help with blood toxins and brain healing. They first gained popularity in India, but now are world renowned and coveted. They are resistant to heat, they are extremely durable and are scratch resistant. As mentioned before they are cut with other diamonds. Diamonds truly are one of the greatest choices for any jewelry.

Moses Jewelers have custom designed hundreds of wedding and engagement rings with diamonds. We’ve pretty much used them in all jewelry pieces including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, fashion pieces, signet rings, and pendants. If you have the idea and desire for a diamond custom design, we are the experts. We can custom design jewelry in person or through our convenient online form or by phone at (210) 490-2404. We can work with just about any budget and offer financing.



Jewelry Bands – Custom Design makes it possible for any type of band creation.

Jewelry Bands – Custom Design makes it possible for any type of band creation.

Are you looking for different kinds of ring styles or band styles that can be completely unique to you or traditional ring bands? The overall choice is completely personal and up to you, but you should know all of the different kinds of band styles so you can bring your style to perfection.

One type of band has one diamond set into it and is a plain, traditionally mounted band. This would usually be a traditional engagement ring, which is then able to be personalized with different kinds of bands, ring guards, or wraps. Wedding and anniversary bands are the main rings that utilize this type of band and setting. Gypsy settings are bands that have a single extending piece of metal that gets thicker at the very top, you may have seen it before in men’s jewelry. The band is shaped like a dome, has the stone inserted into the middle of it, and doesn’t have any prongs sticking out, making the surface look and feel completely smooth and clean.

With a custom designed ring, you can have just about any band design or stackable ring design. Even rings that intertwine. Bands can be textured and multi-layered with different types of gold and jewels. No matter what type of band design you’ve seen Moses Jewelers can both duplicate and create unique band designs and best of all you’ll see the entire ring before it’s manufactured with computer-aided design.

A custom designed engagement ring for practically any budget

A custom designed engagement ring for practically any budget

Engagement rings don’t have to break the budget. A custom designed engagement ring can be designed for you with a mix of materials and cuts that can fit comfortably in what you can afford. Unfortunately, with a mass-produced ring, you may have to settle on what the jewelry store has in stock, instead of getting what you really want.

If your budget won’t allow for a bigger stone that you may have been thinking about buying, it’s not that big of an issue. The illusion of additional carats can be created by choosing a halo setting. Not only can this type of setting make the stone in the middle look bigger, it can also completely change the appearance of the diamond by giving it a vintage look. Less metal means a lower cost, so a minimal prong setting should be used. Since more of the stone is visible, a prong setting is a great way to highlight the diamond.

Pavé diamonds are small diamonds that add a crushed ice look to engagement rings. Because they’re so small, these gems are much more common and therefore less expensive. You’ll get just as much beauty as a bigger diamond could bring, for a much lower cost. Shopping for a diamond centers around the “4 Cs”—cut, carat, clarity, and color. When it comes to the carat size, you can save a considerable amount of money without sacrificing the look of the stone by buying shy of the mark. Diamond prices rise quickly at the carat and half-carat marks, which means buying just shy of it can save you 20 percent, with the difference being that the different diamond size will be barely noticeable by most people.

White gold is a fitting substitute for a metal like platinum, it’s a beautiful colored gold and it’s durable. It’s an enduring element, resistant to rust and corrosion, still looks appealing, and is far nicer to your budget. A mixture of gold colors can also be an option that’ll give you an expensive look but may be more into your budget. Setting a budget is highly important and financing options may be available if you want to go out of budget on the short-term, yet pay off the ring over time. Having a frank conversation with your designer will allow them to create the perfect custom designed engagement ring and the designer will be able to point you in the direction of what is possible.

The circular diamond cut in jewelry and custom design

The circular diamond cut in jewelry and custom design

Diamond jewelers have attempted throughout history to make the best diamond cuts in order to increase the beauty and value of raw diamonds. There are many types of cuts that have achieved this goal, but perhaps none has been as popular nor important as the circular diamond cut. After many years and generations of diamond cutters, this did finally occur. The rough diamond cut became famous for its unique features and attractiveness to gem enthusiasts.

A circular shape, for a diamond, allows the gem to show off 58 beautiful sides, which are also more than any other kind of diamond cut. Due to this, the circle cut diamond, also known as brilliant round diamonds, are also very good light reflectors. They are the most popular diamonds on sale, and people search for them often. They make perfect engagement rings if that is what you’re after.

The circle cut is the most wearable of the diamonds, and this makes it the most popular choice for people. Whatever the build of the jewelry may be, the circle cut is an improvement to the visual appearance of the item. The bruting machine, invented in the late 1800s, made it so diamonds could be easily cut in the circular shape. Up until this point, diamonds had been cut in a cushion cut, and it wasn’t until this invention that circular cuts were feasible. These first circular cuts came to be known as European cut diamonds, and though they were the same cut as their modern counterparts, they were also much different than today’s round cuts.

Circle cut diamonds are usually sold for a higher price than other types of cuts. A reason for this price difference is because this gem’s roughness is usually taken away, which is expensive. Along with this, this kind of large, round diamond cut is in high demand very often, which makes them more expensive than they would otherwise be. They may be more costly, but they are extremely good choices for jewelry. They are visually appealing perfect fits that can be beautifully shown off if you ever wear them to any particular event. The circular cut diamond is a perfect choice for a custom-designed ring, pendant or earrings.