Five Fine Jewelry Trends For 2019 – Big, Bright, Beautiful

Five Fine Jewelry Trends For 2019 – Big, Bright, Beautiful

If you follow social media and fashion shows you’ll see five trends emerging for early 2019 in fine jewelry. It seems that the minimalist jewelry direction has reversed and big and bold will dominate. Color, size, and quantity is important in following 2019 style.

Colored Gems

A mixture of colored gems has been mentioned quite a bit in our jewelry blog and it seems that this trend will grow even stronger in 2019. Combining different sizing of gemstones along with complementary colors is a great way to accessorize 2019. Accompany your gemstone with a larger metal set or chain and you’ll flow right along next year.

Layers of Jewelry

Hearkening back to the 80’s and 90’s, layered chains and lengths of chains was seen extensively at fashion shows this year. Long skinnier chains combined with bulkier chains along with gemstones is a great way to accentuate your style. For added flair stack up on the bangles. You’ll want to invest in some large danglers to go along with your chunky chains.

Big Earrings

To go along with the emerging trend of chunkier chains and layering is big earrings. Large hoops and earrings that dangle. Feathers, leaves and abstract images will dominate. Look at combining a hoop with a nice sized cross or disc. Again the trend of bigger is better isn’t just for chains. Add some dangling color to you earrings will set you on the path to fashion dominance.

Circles and Spheres

As the trend of huge hoops has continued into next 2019 so will the affinity for circles. Not just hoops, but solid circles and different types of fashion stones in the shape of spheres.  Pearls continue to be a dominant natural precious gem along with tear-drop multicolored gemstones. Don’t be afraid to mix non-traditional materials of glass and crystal with gold chains and earrings.


Chokers came back into style a few years ago. For 2019 chokers continue to be a huge fashion trend, now however you get larger chokers as compared to daintier more elegant. Large chain and thick material chokers were often seen at spring and fall fashion events. And as we’ve seen for 2019 bigger and bolder is better, you’ll see that trend continue into chokers and choker accessories.

You could say that 2019 is almost a trip back in time to 1989 as far as fine jewelry fashion goes. Brighter colors and bold chains and bracelets will dominate. Even the charms and danglers are bolder, both in size and color. Do not be afraid to mix colors, nor metals. A marrying of fabrics and precious metals together is exactly what will set you apart in 2019. Bold, beautiful, and colorful is the framework for 2019 accessorizing.



Jewelry Bands – Custom Design makes it possible for any type of band creation.

Jewelry Bands – Custom Design makes it possible for any type of band creation.

Are you looking for different kinds of ring styles or band styles that can be completely unique to you or traditional ring bands? The overall choice is completely personal and up to you, but you should know all of the different kinds of band styles so you can bring your style to perfection.

One type of band has one diamond set into it and is a plain, traditionally mounted band. This would usually be a traditional engagement ring, which is then able to be personalized with different kinds of bands, ring guards, or wraps. Wedding and anniversary bands are the main rings that utilize this type of band and setting. Gypsy settings are bands that have a single extending piece of metal that gets thicker at the very top, you may have seen it before in men’s jewelry. The band is shaped like a dome, has the stone inserted into the middle of it, and doesn’t have any prongs sticking out, making the surface look and feel completely smooth and clean.

With a custom designed ring, you can have just about any band design or stackable ring design. Even rings that intertwine. Bands can be textured and multi-layered with different types of gold and jewels. No matter what type of band design you’ve seen Moses Jewelers can both duplicate and create unique band designs and best of all you’ll see the entire ring before it’s manufactured with computer-aided design.

The Differences Between White And Yellow Gold – Interesting combinations for custom jewelry design.

The Differences Between White And Yellow Gold – Interesting combinations for custom jewelry design.

Gold is a valuable resource, it is rare and a symbol of wealth and beauty. It has a very special meaning to many people. However, not all gold is the same, and they can come in many different forms.

The main method to differentiate between different gold values is Karat, or the purity of gold. This is the most common way to set a value on gold. For example, pure gold is 24 Karat, a full 100 percent. This Karat grade applied to all gold in use shows the proportion or quality of a gold alloy. Common Karat grades used and their corresponding percentage values are 9K, or 37.5 percent, 14K, or 58.3 percent, and 18K, or 75 percent. 24K gold, or pure gold, is also occasionally referred to as “999 Gold”, for its fineness value.

There are also different common colors of gold. Gold is yellow metal, but adding Copper to it changes it into a reddish metal in comparison to its previous form. An addition of Silver, Zinc, or any other metal has a result of a paler shade of gold. White gold’s composition is a delicate combination of an alloy of metals such as nickel and copper. It is impossible to have pure 24K white gold for the simple reason that white gold is created from a combination of different metals other than gold, and thus can only reach a Karat of 21, or approximately 87.5 percent purity. Any finer, and gold’s yellow tint takes over.

A custom designed piece of jewelry can be created with any of these types of gold and the combination of different colors of gold can make for a very interesting piece.