Turn Old Jewelry Into a Custom Design: How to Repurpose Heirloom Jewelry

The jewelry industry is expected to generate $18,608 Million in 2019. It’s an industry that steadily increases its revenue year-to-year, with 9% growth expected by 2023. It’s no surprise that jewelry is also ranked as the number one most common type of heirloom. However, not all of us are blessed with being left a beautiful […]

Mismatched Earrings – An emerging trend or not?

Just like mismatched nail painting has been a trend for the past year or more, mismatched earrings are becoming the next big trend, as mismatched shoes and other mismatched accessories were before it. The trend began when multiple celebrities were seen wearing the (unusual at the time) non-matching earrings at the Oscars and in Berlin. […]