His and Hers: A Guide to Custom Wedding Bands for the Newly Engaged

His and Hers: A Guide to Custom Wedding Bands for the Newly Engaged

Have you recently gotten down on one knee and popped the question? Are you starting to think about wedding details?

If you’re planning a wedding, you’re in good company. Every year, more than 2 million people get married in the United States.

The average wedding costs about $33,000, and that’s not including the wedding rings. If you’re looking for matching wedding bands for couples, this article’s for you.

We’ll give you the inside scoop about finding his and hers wedding ring sets without breaking the bank.

Find the Right Metal

Gold wedding bands for couples are a classic choice, but you do have a few more options. You can get white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold rings. You might also consider investing in a platinum or titanium ring.

The average engagement ring costs $5,000 or more, but your wedding bands should be significantly less expensive.

If you’re just starting to shop for wedding bands, it’s worth it to go into a brick-and-mortar jewelry store. You can try on wedding bands and see what kind of metal you prefer, then go online and get them for a lower price.

The perfect wedding band is simple because you don’t want to overshadow her engagement ring. You can go for a gold band with a single diamond, but you might want to consider rings that feature several types of gold together.

She’ll be wearing two rings, so you should make sure that the wedding band is thin and comfortable on her hand. That’s another reason to try rings on in person.

Remember, if you’re making a custom order and including diamonds, you should get them graded by an outside lab to make sure they’re authentic.

Other creative options for rings include ceramic, wood, and carbon fiber.

Consider Engraving Options

The great thing about getting matching wedding bands is that you can engrave them however you want. Don’t let your partner see it before the wedding. It’ll be a great surprise for them.

When you’re getting engraving done, try to keep it simple. You can engrave the date of your wedding or first date, or a few words that remind you of each other.

Try to pick something that will withstand the test of time, like personal nicknames you have for each other or the name of your favorite song.

You should be able to get your engraving done with an online company. Just double-check your order before you send it in. You want to make sure that you’re getting the right engraving done.

Some people choose to engrave the outside of the ring, but that might shorten the life span of the ring. Stick to engraving the inside for best results.

If you’re at a loss for what to engrave, stick to classics like “I love you” and “Always.” Make sure you talk to your jeweler about how long it’ll take to engrave your partner’s ring.

Look for Unique Gemstones

Another option for his and hers wedding bands is to have them set with gemstones instead of with diamonds. If you love amethysts, go ahead and put them in your rings!

Again, you don’t want to detract from the look of her engagement ring. You can get her a plain ring and get yourself something with a little bit of bling.

Engagement rings don’t have to be made with diamonds, either. If she loves opal or emerald, consider getting her an engagement ring that has those stones.

Typically, wedding bands are plain gold. The man might have a small diamond chip in his, but most wedding bands are kind of simple.

It’s more fun, however, to make your own trends and make a custom order. Take the time and figure out what kind of ring you’d really like.

You don’t have to match each other’s rings exactly, but they should look like they belong together. If she’s getting rose gold and sapphire, you might want to get a platinum ring with a small sapphire in it.

Get the Right Fit

When you’re on the hunt for matching wedding rings, take the time to ensure a perfect fit. You don’t want to have to re-size the rings after the wedding.

Rings that are too big are easier to lose, and you’ll have a better wedding experience if you figure out her exact ring size.

You don’t want to go with a ring that’s too tight, but a wedding band should not slip right off your finger. It should be comfortable and not tight, but it needs to remain firmly in place.

Another option for his and hers wedding ring sets is Court shape vs. D shape. Court shaped rings are curved on the inside, which means that less metal will touch your finger.

D shaped rings, on the other hand, are flat on the inside. They’ll fit more closely with your finger and could be a good option for people who are scared their rings will slip off.

Once you have your exact ring size, you can go ahead and order your wedding bands from an online jeweler.

Pro Tips for Wedding Bands for Couples

The best way to choose wedding bands for couples is to do it together. Sit down and take a look at different rings online. Bookmark the ones you really like and start to figure out what kind of rings you want to wear.

Take your time to figure out what would work best for you. For a man’s ring, make sure that it’s not too big. Many men aren’t used to wearing rings, and a wide ring could be uncomfortable.

We offer a wide range of custom options for wedding bands and are committed to working personally with our customers. Take a look at our blog and then send us an email online.

We also have online chat options. We’re looking forward to talking with you!



The April Birthstone – Diamonds, the hardest most popular gemstone.

The April Birthstone – Diamonds, the hardest most popular gemstone.

Diamonds are 58 times harder than any other gemstone on earth. The can only be cut with other diamonds. They are the most popular gemstone for wedding rings but are an excellent choice for everyday wear. DIamonds historically are popular as a clear bright cut gemstone. In recent times however colors such as yellow, pink, blue and chocolate have become used widely and are just as durable and beautiful as their clear counterparts. Diamonds can and are used in just about any piece of jewelry. Historians believe that diamonds have been used and traded as early as 4BC.

Diamonds symbolize eternal and lasting love and harmony. This is why they are used widely in wedding rings and jewelry that symbolize love. Metaphysically they are used for healing and balance and are thought to help with blood toxins and brain healing. They first gained popularity in India, but now are world renowned and coveted. They are resistant to heat, they are extremely durable and are scratch resistant. As mentioned before they are cut with other diamonds. Diamonds truly are one of the greatest choices for any jewelry.

Moses Jewelers have custom designed hundreds of wedding and engagement rings with diamonds. We’ve pretty much used them in all jewelry pieces including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, fashion pieces, signet rings, and pendants. If you have the idea and desire for a diamond custom design, we are the experts. We can custom design jewelry in person or through our convenient online form or by phone at (210) 490-2404. We can work with just about any budget and offer financing.



Jewelry Bands – Custom Design makes it possible for any type of band creation.

Jewelry Bands – Custom Design makes it possible for any type of band creation.

Are you looking for different kinds of ring styles or band styles that can be completely unique to you or traditional ring bands? The overall choice is completely personal and up to you, but you should know all of the different kinds of band styles so you can bring your style to perfection.

One type of band has one diamond set into it and is a plain, traditionally mounted band. This would usually be a traditional engagement ring, which is then able to be personalized with different kinds of bands, ring guards, or wraps. Wedding and anniversary bands are the main rings that utilize this type of band and setting. Gypsy settings are bands that have a single extending piece of metal that gets thicker at the very top, you may have seen it before in men’s jewelry. The band is shaped like a dome, has the stone inserted into the middle of it, and doesn’t have any prongs sticking out, making the surface look and feel completely smooth and clean.

With a custom designed ring, you can have just about any band design or stackable ring design. Even rings that intertwine. Bands can be textured and multi-layered with different types of gold and jewels. No matter what type of band design you’ve seen Moses Jewelers can both duplicate and create unique band designs and best of all you’ll see the entire ring before it’s manufactured with computer-aided design.

A custom wedding band set may be the answer for your personal expression

A custom wedding band set may be the answer for your personal expression

There are beautiful wedding band options worth considering. Custom wedding bands can be created in an infinite combination of metals, stones, and shapes. You can go with a simple smooth design for your wedding band set or go into a set that has a version for the bride and another for the groom with elements that tie the two bands together as a set.

The question about whether or not to match bands and rings is no longer an anomaly. It’s tradition, but it’s fallen over the last few years to a lower percentage for quite a number of reasons, including preferences for stronger metals or a person’s unique and personalized styles. It’s not necessary anymore to have an exactly matching set. You do not need to have a high amount of design sense to accomplish this because a jewelry designer can walk you through the creation process from idea to final design. A competent designer can create a semi-matching set that are born out of the same concept.

Plain bands may not be your style, and there’s other options if it isn’t. Wedding bands can come set with stones and gems, with the most popular of these being diamonds. Choosing to go with stones makes the choice purely about your tastes in jewelry. White diamonds are the most common choice, but you can also choose colored diamonds or gems that contrast with each other. Textures, setting of the stones, if applicable, and edging can all be manipulated to complement but not copy each ring in the wedding band set. A modern and hugely popular design concept are to combine two colors of gold in the band design.

One of the greatest advances in wedding band set design has come with the addition of technology into the fray. A computer-aided design allows you to see each ring of the set before casting and gem placement. This service is available at Moses Jewelers. Our designers can create the perfect wedding band set of your dreams, where both bride and groom can receive a ring that complements yet at the same time personalizes the wedding band. A custom wedding band set is at your fingertips and can be fit into practically any budget.