2019’s Top 10 Unique Engagement Rings For That One-of-a-Kind Girl

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a hugely important job you may have to do very soon.

If that is the case, there are a few strategies you can take to find the perfect ring for you. You have the choice to go to your local jewelry store, buy a typical ring, and go on with your day.

On the other hand, you can find a truly unique ring that will reflect the uniqueness of your partner. In doing so, you will show them the effort that you are willing to put in by buying and finding such a unique ring that speaks to the love that you have for them and how it, and they, are one of a kind.

Here are some truly unique engagement rings that you should consider before popping the question.

1. Colored Gems

Colored diamonds were unheard of until only recently. Now, they are all the rage in trends.

Everything from green to blue diamonds is well regarded by brides-to-be, as they can be a fashion statement on top of being an eternal promise to a loved one.

The best-colored gems are actually naturally colored. Specifically, using an emerald or sapphire as a centerpiece seems like a great call that your partner is likely to appreciate fully.

2. East-West Setting

Definitely the best trend in terms of design, east-west settings are of the top engagement ring trends for 2019. East-west rings feature a diamond centerpiece that is placed in a strange orientation or position, allowing for the attention to be placed on the uniqueness of the diamond.

If your partner values traditional diamonds but still wants something unique to her, an east-west setting may be best as the only aspect of the diamond that changes is the positioning.

3. Cluster of Diamonds

Though many brides value one large diamond to stand out and give their rings a centerpiece, some people are starting to appreciate clusters now. Clusters do not feature one central diamond, but rather a design that includes various smaller diamonds.

Cluster designs are where artistic creativity can truly flow through to the diamond, in order to create a ring that looks unique and reflects the spirit of your partner.

4. Split Rings

Split engagement rings are very fashionable and provide a different look to a ring by featuring your diamond even more heavily. Split rings show off the diamond as the center, connecting points between what seems like two bands.

If you are trying to bring attention to your partner’s diamond or are looking for more fashionable design, split rings are unique engagement rings that still look great.

5. Mixing Metals

Before today, the metal in an engagement ring was merely meant to be a support for the main focus of attention, the diamond. Now, though, the metals themselves are receiving attention and are the points of trends. In this case, a mixture of metals is a good move in 2019.

Mixing metals in the band of a ring gives the ring many unique qualities and can be interpreted in different ways. In can show the duality of a person, a relationship, or even a moment. This is a great trend to take advantage of in 2019.

6. Moon Inspired

Humans have always been inspired by the moon in their art and jewelry, and this inspiration is making its way onto engagement rings. Now, many rings are reflecting the design of the moon and stars in the night sky in its diamond cuts, as well as the shapes and features near the band.

If your partner loves astrology, the moon, or the sky itself, a moon inspired ring is a unique gift that they may love.

7. Strange Shapes

Just like the moon provides a “strange shape” for the diamond cut, other strange shapes are also surrounding the market.

Many of these stranger shapes are now becoming popular in the mainstream but are still considered unique. It is actually sometimes harder to find a ring with simply a circular shape now.

These shapes include pear or tear-drop shaped diamonds, both of which are very popular for brides-to-be in 2019.

8. Thick Bands

Bands have always been an afterthought for rings, but now they are seen as essential in the design and delivery of rings. These are also a source for uniqueness in the ring, as most people will sport a relatively thin metal band.

Now, though, thick bands can also be considered a trend in wedding rings. These thick bands can be made of metal, or they can also be an extension of the diamond. This makes the central aspect of the ring extent throughout, almost making it an engagement band.

9. Triple Stones

After the publicity that Megan Markle’s engagement ring received, a certain trend suddenly exploded on the market: the triple stones. This is the design that Prince Harry chose, and was soon after the design that many brides-to-be preferred in order to copy the choice.

The triple stone design features three central diamonds, one middle one larger than the other two, on the ring. While these rings may be pricier, they are a beautiful trend to use.

10. Keep It In the Family

A final key trend that many people are starting to appreciate is the sentimental value behind an antique ring. Many women are now looking to be proposed with a ring that has a history behind it, as the meaningfulness behind a ring like this is unquestionable.

If you have a ring that has been passed down through generations, look to use the historical message behind that ring to help you in your proposal.

Finding the Best Unique Engagement Rings

When choosing unique engagement rings, remember that a design that is too unique may sometimes be unflattering or unfashionable.

Be sure to choose a ring that your partner will appreciate but still want to wear with pride because of the beauty of it.

If you need help finding the ideal engagement ring before you pop the question, be sure to check out our extensive collection.

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