Certified Diamonds


Moses Jewelers of San Antonio recognizes that diamonds are as unique as people. They take on a personality when mounted in the perfect setting and make the jewelry come alive. There is nothing like picking out your own diamonds for placement into a special ring, bracelet or necklace. Moses Jewelers keeps loose diamonds in their inventory for your inspection.

Diamonds must undergo a strict, unbiased series of evaluations before it can be “certified”. These evaluations include – color, clarity, weight, finish and shape. The diamond is rated on these attributes by a certified gemologist that will determine the quality and authenticity of the gemstone. Any flaws are noted and taken into account.
The grade of the diamond you choose will be available for your review and the report will be explained if you have any questions. Diamond jewelry is an investment, not only in the diamond, but in the recipient of the diamond. Moses Jewelry can assist in your decision regarding a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry.

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