One earring trend – could a custom designed earring be the right choice for you?

The one earring trend is evolving and getting to be more and more popular as celebrities and models jump into this jewelry fashion trend. The newest style consists of a single well-dressed ear and at times a smaller earring along the same design theme or a colored stone or diamond stud. Edgy and independent, this one lone earring can make any person look better and have more of a visual flair and uniqueness, but can be something that will end up difficult to master. This trend’s appeal is the grandeur that it presents, but whatever specific style of single earring you choose to go for is all up to you to decide.

To pull off this look well is to channel the style so well that you won’t have people looking at you and remarking something about having lost an earring, a scenario that can be all too real if this style is not understood and executed perfectly. The key to this is to choose something unmistakable and unmissable. Plain earrings are not enough for this style, you need to have something that’s more complex, like spindly metal wires and gems with many different colors of choice. If you are fine with it, you may even have a pair of earrings that you can choose to recycle this way by wearing only one of the duo, but if you’re searching for one that’s more special, various retailers are already selling earrings as single pieces. This style can either be the earring alone, or it can be mixed with a very small earring on the other ear that doesn’t draw attention away from the main piece.

In terms of fine jewelry, one is more than enough to make you shine and sparkle. Another potential positive surrounding it, if you buy just a normal pair of earrings to use one for this singular style and want to match with a friend, is that the cost can be split with them.

However, this trend does not really function well with small, dainty earrings. Overly adorning one ear with a detailed sense of earring fashion, whether it be with a trendy ear jacket, a fancy ear cuff, or otherwise, demands you to be bold in your statement of fashion. It will attract attention to the way it is different from the rest of the earrings on other people, it will be different from the standard pair. In this, it is one of the styles that work best when trying to style yourself to stand out from the rest, and shouldn’t be used if you want to blend in with others or fit a certain norm that many others go by. If you’re a fashion leader or trendsetter having a custom designed earring that speaks volumes may be the answer for you. Moses custom designed earrings could be the best decision you make this year for your forward fashion sense.

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