A custom wedding band set may be the answer for your personal expression

There are beautiful wedding band options worth considering. Custom wedding bands can be created in an infinite combination of metals, stones, and shapes. You can go with a simple smooth design for your wedding band set or go into a set that has a version for the bride and another for the groom with elements that tie the two bands together as a set.

The question about whether or not to match bands and rings is no longer an anomaly. It’s tradition, but it’s fallen over the last few years to a lower percentage for quite a number of reasons, including preferences for stronger metals or a person’s unique and personalized styles. It’s not necessary anymore to have an exactly matching set. You do not need to have a high amount of design sense to accomplish this because a jewelry designer can walk you through the creation process from idea to final design. A competent designer can create a semi-matching set that are born out of the same concept.

Plain bands may not be your style, and there’s other options if it isn’t. Wedding bands can come set with stones and gems, with the most popular of these being diamonds. Choosing to go with stones makes the choice purely about your tastes in jewelry. White diamonds are the most common choice, but you can also choose colored diamonds or gems that contrast with each other. Textures, setting of the stones, if applicable, and edging can all be manipulated to complement but not copy each ring in the wedding band set. A modern and hugely popular design concept are to combine two colors of gold in the band design.

One of the greatest advances in wedding band set design has come with the addition of technology into the fray. A computer-aided design allows you to see each ring of the set before casting and gem placement. This service is available at Moses Jewelers. Our designers can create the perfect wedding band set of your dreams, where both bride and groom can receive a ring that complements yet at the same time personalizes the wedding band. A custom wedding band set is at your fingertips and can be fit into practically any budget.

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