Amethyst – The February Birthstone – An ageless stone wrapped in myth and legend

Amethyst is a beautiful and unique purple colored gemstone. It is considered a calming and spiritual stone. Amethyst in Greek mythology was a virgin who was chased by Dionysus after he had too much wine. Amethyst called out to the goddess Diana for help and she was turned to a white quartz. Upon realizing the consequences of his actions Dionysus wept over his wine goblet which overturned thus coloring Amethyst purple. A great tale about the gem in the month of Valentine’s Day.

The gem is also found in biblical references and in the Catholic Church clergy has used it to adorn crosses because it’s considered a stone that represents piety and celibacy. In the Renaissance, the amethyst was considered to be a royal gemstone and is found in some of the British royal families jewelry collections. In Chinese Feng Sui the amethyst represents wealth and prosperity. Across cultures and history the Amethyst is considered a powerful, yet peaceful gem.

Because of the color, it is widely used in jewelry even today. It is a great addition to any jewelry piece. It is quite abundant and is able to be grown in labs. You’ll want to keep it away from some household chemicals because they can affect the stone adversely. Amethyst is a great accent piece to many custom designs.

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