Mismatched Earrings – An emerging trend or not?

Just like mismatched nail painting has been a trend for the past year or more, mismatched earrings are becoming the next big trend, as mismatched shoes and other mismatched accessories were before it. The trend began when multiple celebrities were seen wearing the (unusual at the time) non-matching earrings at the Oscars and in Berlin. Upon this discovery, more celebrities were thereafter praising non-symmetrical earrings and wearing them themselves. Not only this, matching earrings were then deemed as a thing of the past by these people who had become obsessed with the non-symmetrical nature of the new trend.

Jewelry designers believe that all earring ways have a place in modern day fashion – mismatched, symmetrical, and single. This recent obsession with mismatched jewelry by the mainstream has been attributed to two things, overwhelming presence on runways with celebrities and street-style snapshots. The abnormality of the jewelry and its aesthetic appeal combine to form a new trend that has changed the way many people see earrings and style. But the style is not as simple as choosing one and then grabbing any other earring to mix with. It must be carefully chosen to look cohesive and appealing. The look is achieved not by looking like you lost an earring, but as if you made a specific decision about it. As long as there is some correlation between the two choices, the style will function as intended.

In the end, it is truly a matter of preference and mood, style, in this case, can be said to be of your own “choosing”. Try it out, what was wouldn’t have been seen as fashionable in the past is now gaining acceptance in the jewelry fashion world. Go for it. As the plugging our services go, we can custom design you two earrings that are just enough related and different to accentuate this trend. Give us a call today.

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