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The process of start to finish for a custom design is quite efficient. Clients first meet with Moses and/or Joey Rodriguez to discuss the overall vision of the jewelry idea. This information is discussed, and Moses or Joey create a design that is then pre-produced in CAD (computer-aided design). After client approval, a version of the final piece is created in-house with one of our state-of-the-art 3D printers. The printed wax is then placed in a plaster mix, super-heated, and a cast of the jewelry is created by pouring precious metal into the negative space within the mold. The pre-finished piece is polished, jewels are set, and the jewelry is taken for a final polishing.

Give that special someone the perfect piece. Personalized service and the latest technology 3D CAD cam makes Moses Jewelers the ideal place to have a unique piece of jewelry designed and crafted. Call us today to find out more information at (210) 490-2404.

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