Custom fashion ring designs that give a nod to the past

Cocktail rings, a type of fashion ring, sometimes referred to as dinner rings, are quite large, and as a result of the way they are built, rise a fair amount off of the finger wearing it. These were originally a trend in the 1930s and were worn to what eventually became their namesake, cocktail parties. They are set with a lot of big, colored gems and smaller diamonds that come together to make it look beautiful, overdone, and elegant, as they were meant to be when taking them to these parties. Some may say that they look gaudy, but for a fashion statement, they’re on right on par with the single earring trend happening in 2017 and continuing for the near future.

Contemporary fashion rings are up to date, modern rings that are fashioned around not only around current industry standards and styles but also are harkening back to past ring designs with contemporary metal and gem combinations. You could say they are a new twist on new old-school contemporary. The style, design, cut, design, or even the materials that you choose to use to make it, such as rose, white and yellow gold combinations, can all determine whether or not it can truly be classified as an old-school style contemporary ring. The design is meant to evoke a feeling of belonging to an older era but at the same time screaming, look at me I’m modern too.

As always, all custom fashion ring design or cocktail ring design and manufacturing is performed in-house at Moses Jewelers, from creation to completion, we’re here to help your dream come to reality.

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