Fashion Sense — Layered Necklaces, a continuing trend into 2018

For multiple seasons, bloggers put on a lot of jewelry on their arm and called it an “arm party”. This seems to have affected neck jewelry as well, because the trend has now become multiple layers of jewelry on the neck, just as it was with arm bands. The reimagined style of multiple necklaces that were once meant to be worn one at a time has spread, as unique combinations are made from delicate necklaces that, when worn solo, are feminine and simple. Fashion, being what it is, has become dissatisfied with simple, and these combinations are layered, three or four at a time, to be a sort of DIY statement necklace, with you acting as your own stylist. Along with this, since you can change the overall look by swapping necklaces whenever you want for something new, you have a lot of flexibility in how you want to appear with this look.

The first part of this style needs to always be the shortest necklace of the entire combination. Slim, 16-inch chokers can be the starting point, if, for example, you wear blouses or t-shirts often. There is only one situation where you don’t want the base of the style to be a short necklace, and that’s if you’re wearing a boat-neck top or any shirt with a high neckline. This is because the necklace could “fight” the neckline of the shirt/top, so in that case, the layering should begin below the neckline.

The second necklace can sometimes be called the personality profile accessory, and needs to be a longer piece than the first one. It can be anywhere from a single inch longer to several inch longer for a deep V neckline. Things can be kept interesting by using different chains for the second accessory element. You may want to have a contrast between the two pieces, so think about using something like a bold link or a rice-bead chain if your base piece’s chains are subtle and delicate. It can also be mixed up even more if you want to be bold with fashion, so you may also want to use a different metal like rose gold or silver if your base is gold.

The longest piece can be a bit heavy if what’s being filled in with it is a deep V neckline. Pendants can work just fine, with the bauble’s weight adding a long visual that can frame the other two or more necklaces in the combination. This can be kept personal once you fully understand the basics of length and layering, and the designs can be experimented with to create a truly unique piece of jewelry that only you have and use. It could even use your initials, a zodiac sign, or engraved words like your hometown or favorite sports teams to be made even more personalized than before. Simple chains with varied looks can make a subtle and sophisticated look and style. Horizontal bar necklaces can break up vertical necklace lines and create a potentially interesting visual contrast to the combination.

It doesn’t have to be just three necklaces either, it can be even more to make it more flashy, exquisite, and all your very own.

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