Garnet – The January Birthstone – The dark red gemstone that comes in many shades.

Garnet is a translated from Greek as literally “dark red”, however, the stone comes in many shades and colors. Garnet is actually a collection of various minerals that share similar properties. You’ll find red, yellow, orange, green, brown, pink, purple, gray, and black among the most common colors. Because this is a collection of various Garnet gemstones the most commonly known and used are almandine and pyrope.

Almandine is one of the most lustrous of Garnets. It is dark red in color and is used in jewelry. Much almandine is opaque and cannot be used in jewelry. Almandine can be polished into beads for use in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It is often tumbled into irregular forms for costume-type jewelry. The most recognized form of Garnet is Pyrope. It has a dark red-blood color and is used widely in jewelry making. The unique property of Pyrope is the difference in color under artificial and natural light. The gemstone exhibits different tones depending on the light source.

Garnets because of the variety are a great addition to any piece. They can be that stone that is unique and unidentifiable by many people but catches the eye. In designing a colored stone piece they are an excellent choice. Red Garnet options are a great choice when you want a Ruby type color but in a different variation of red.

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