In-house custom class ring design – A Moses Jewelers specialty.

You may be interested in getting a custom class ring designed in-house. The process can go a lot easier if you understand all of the aspects and know exactly the type of ring you’re looking for. The entire experience will go smoothly and be more enjoyable as well.

There is not quite a bit of flexibility to choose what you want and what you want to focus on. Your ring can ultimately fit perfectly around your life in school and activities that may not be available from an out-of-the-box type ring. The major ring companies that often visit schools are Jostens, Balfour and Herff Jones. A custom designed class ring can be just as affordable as a ring from one of the major class ring design companies. You can put your extra touch on any class ring design you choose.

Perhaps you don’t like the ring styles or designs of the specific company that’s come to your school and want something of your own, something unique that no one else has. A custom ring design offers you an infinite number of choices, designs, and materials. You can focus on a complete personalization down to the smallest details.

Building one from a brochure can make it problematic to piece together what it’ll look like. There may be different pictures or examples, but what can you do if your activity is not represented or you want to express your support for a particular club. With advances in CAD (computer-aided design) you’ll know exactly what your ring will look like before the ring is cast and the stone is set if you choose to have a stone that is. A custom designed class ring is the ultimate in expression and getting the ring that no one else will have. It is truly an expression of your field of study or important activity.

In getting started designing your custom ring just bring in a sketch or 2d image of your activity and we’ll help you do the rest. We can even help you if you cannot come into the jewelry store. We can take your information over the phone or from a form and get started designing the class ring that you really want and not one from options a large company has chosen for you. Think about the endless options and we’ll help you create your dream ring.

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