Is there a difference between natural diamonds and man made diamonds?

Many people love diamonds, but not all of these gems are natural. There are certain kinds of diamonds, known as either lab-grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds, that aren’t fully natural but appear to resonate with the same characteristics that make natural diamonds so appealing. These artificial diamonds are defined as a “man-made reproduction of a diamond that has essentially the same chemical composition, crystal structure, and physical properties as its natural counterpart” by The World Jewelry Confederation.

Two different methods exist to create these artificial gems, Chemical Vapor Deposition, which is used for industrial purposes, and High-Pressure High Temperature, which is for more commercial use. Nature creates the majority of diamonds used in a commercial or a business setting. However, artificial, man-made diamonds are grown in a lab, where the environment and variables are highly controlled. The result is that the artificial gems come out having very similar properties to their natural counterparts, with the exception of artificial diamonds having a far lower price point than natural ones.

A significant difference in the two forms of diamond is that the synthetic portion can be manipulated and changed. It can be created exactly to your specifications, everything from shape and size to the color and cut of the diamond can be personalized. However, this does not mean differences don’t exist. Natural diamonds are slightly harder than synthetic diamonds, and artificial diamonds are heavier and possess a telling lack of natural flaws that real diamonds have. Intrinsically the decision of natural vs man-made is personal as the diamond characteristics are virtually the same.

Diamonds hold a high value for many different people and are associated with special events such as weddings, engagements, or high-class social events. They can be used to make a statement or for a certain expression of self. Some people may also desire the more cost-effective alternative or the perfect crystal, and the option is readily available for them.

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