Order Custom Designed Jewelry
We can now do video consultation via facetime!
We can get started brainstorming with just a little information. Once we start the process we can show you other works we’ve done or look at our galleries, most jewelry in our galleries are custom designed pieces.
Style & Materials
Think about the setting, the jewels and the overall big picture view of your jewelry. What is important to you and what message or emotion does this piece have for you?
Think about your budget so we can work on getting you the perfect computer-aided (CAD) design for your jewelry. You’ll be able to view your piece even before we begin the in-house creation of your dream piece. Don’t be limited by cash-on-hand, click here for FINANCING.



    What happens next
    A Moses Jewelers designer or salesperson will contact you and ask you a few more questions, then we can discuss setting up an appointment for a live One-on-one design with you to make sure the piece you’re going to get is exactly what you’ve envisioned.