Pearl Jewelry

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Pearls have always been constant as a crucial component in many jewelry lover’s collections, whether it be traditional or modern creations.

When choosing your preferred pearl beads for a necklace or a bracelet, the criteria that was also useful in jewelry shopping should also be taken advantage of here. There are five physical factors that determine this, the first sign of the quality of a pearl being luster. Higher quality pearls possess a deep, warm glow that gives a jewelry design the richest look. A pearl should be checked for scratches, cracks, spots, bumps, or other blemishes on the surface. Among pearl’s most used colors are white, black, and gold. Refined pearls are available in many shapes and colors. However, you must be careful when acquiring dyed pearls, their color may fade or be scratched off of its surface. If a pearl is bigger, it is more costly, as is the case with most other gems available on the market. However, for a cheaper alternative, many worthwhile synthetic options exist today.

Pearls need to be cared for more closely than many other cheaper kinds of gems. The surfaces of other objects may damage a pearl, so it is a better idea to avoid placing it near anything sharp or rough. Ideally, you should use a silk pouch, or an isolated, separate compartment in your jewelry box to contain it, but pearls require the moisture in the air to maintain their luster, so airtight storage is not recommended. Pearls only need a damp or dry cloth to be acceptably cleaned. However, substances that lie on the more acidic spectrum will damage them. To string a pearl correctly, string them on a silk thread with knots between each so rubbing does not damage them or they don’t come loose in the event of it breaking. You may need to restring them if they’ve gone quite a long time without maintenance while being actively used.

These factors are all very important to understand when buying pearls. Because each pearl harvested is completely different and very individual, it is essential to follow good quality grading standards to obtain the best match for your needs.

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