Rubies are a girls best friend too!

To gem enthusiasts around the world, the ruby is considered the second most valuable gem in the world behind the diamond. They are incredibly versatile and suited for many different occasions, making them quite important as jewelry. Serving as an expression of the wearer’s personality, this jewelry, in particular, is oftentimes worn as a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring. This is also how the maximum amount of attention is captured by this gemstone jewelry.

These gems serve as an extension of the user’s creativity and passion for looking elegant and stylish. As the color of a ruby is red, the gem is viewed as being a symbol of love, passion, energy, and courage. These gemstones, as the ultimate symbol of passion and desire for many, also make an ideal romantic gift for a lot of people. Since rubies provide the energy to keep a person going, they may also make a suitable gift for one who is searching for a career or their personal spiritual path. Throughout history, rubies have been worn to fend off danger, to keep the wearer safe, and to show wealth and prosperity. Ruby is also the stone of courage and self-love and brings confidence and success to those who wear it.

Similar to certain other gems, the color of a ruby is the most important factor to consider when buying a piece of ruby jewelry. The deeper and more intense their coloring, the higher the quality of the gem. All rubies have a primary and secondary color. The primary color is always red, while the secondary color is usually either orange, purple, or pink. Ideally, both the primary and secondary colors should be red. The truer the red coloring is, the better the gemstone. Furthermore, the tone of a ruby gemstone is also highly important. The highest quality rubies fall between a medium and a deep red tone. If the coloring is too dark, the red may be difficult to make out. If the coloring is too light, the red may be too faint to make out. A happy medium must be achieved for the ideal ruby.

The magnificent coloring of this particular gemstone is unlike any other, and they have the ability to captivate and emotionally influence an observer if taken advantage of in the correct way. They are powerful, meaningful, and a worthy addition to any gem enthusiast’s collection of jewelry. They are an excellent option for any type of jewelry including engagement rings.

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