Jewelry Appraisal Experts

Do You Know How Much Your Jewelry Is Worth?
At Moses Jewelers of San Antonio, knowing the appraised value is an important part of your investment. We are able to appraise your jewelry, on-site, and document the value of your jewelry for insurance and customer knowledge. Moses Jewelers has been an active part of the San Antonio community and now is established in the Stone Oak area. With over ten years of service to the community, we have established a reputation of skill, honesty, and quality.

What to look for in a jewelry appraisal.

Credentials and education are vital to discovering the true value of your jewelry. Once your fine jewelry has been evaluated, you will be given a report stating everything, including flaws, describing in detail your heirloom. Because of fluctuations in the market, jewelry should be appraised every two to three years. Since we do our appraisals on-site, we can often do this while you wait and your jewelry will never leave the premises. You can take comfort in knowing your items will not be handled by a third-party, or “lost” in delivery.

Moses Jewelers of San Antonio also offer jewelry purchase services to help you find the perfect piece to add to your showcase. With this service, appraisals are recommended for your satisfaction and peace of mind.