Shining Bright: This Layering Necklaces Trend Can Make Your Entire Outfit

When it comes to wearing necklaces this season, more is more. The layering necklaces trend is officially in!

From layers on layers of silver dainty chains to chunky, retro pendants, stacking necklaces has become an art that fashionistas all over the globe are rocking.

Whether you prefer sporting a dramatic statement look or if you prefer a more simple, subtle style, there are ways to keep up with this trend to suit your own personal style.

But while the look comes across as effortless, in reality, attempting to layer necklaces is daunting even to the most skilled fashion maven.

How many should you wear? Are there necklaces you shouldn’t combine? Should you contrast colors?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Ready to get inspired? Learn how to wear multiple necklaces here for that perfectly executed layered look.

1. Mix and Match Chains

Play with texture by mixing and matching different styles of chains to allow each piece to stand out. Wearing a wide chain against dainty thin ropes, for example, can provide the perfect contrast for your layers.

There are plenty of different weights and textures to choose from – such as bead, cable, rolo, rope, snake, and Venetian.

For a cohesive, put together look choose similar shades of metal to keep them unified.

But if you prefer to mix and match colors and shades of necklaces, don’t be shy. Remember that when it comes to layering necklaces, there are few rules! Try mixing up various materials such as gold, silver, rose gold, and even plastic for an added dose of funk.

We recommend wearing a minimum of three different necklaces and going from there.

We’ve found that combinations of three or five pieces are often the most visually pleasing, but you should wear as many as you like! You can never rock too many necklace layers if it feels right for you – more is more, after all!

2. Layer Different Lengths

When it comes to layering necklaces, changing up length is key. Wear different length chains to allow each piece to stand out and shine, creating a gorgeous cascade effect.

Start the shortest necklace at 14” and the longest up to 33” in comparison. And if your favorites happen to fall at similar lengths, there’s always the option of adding chain extenders.

Try a combination that includes a long drop pendant with a shorter, choker-style chain line or coin necklace for an interesting contrast. Start with a piece that falls close to the neck, then build your collection from there.

A lariat necklace is a great choice to add length. With a deeply elongated style, this necklace plunges down the neckline to create length on the upper body. Let it hang loosely, or alternatively tuck it into the neckline of your top to let it peek out.

3. Combine Different Styles

As well as mixing up chain types and necklace lengths, you should also experiment with combining completely different styles of necklace for a fresh and upcoming modern look.

Trial and test contrasting styles, from classic pearls to geometric shapes to chunky pendants – have fun with it!

Seashell jewelry is trending, so why not pop on a conch shell necklace for those beachy summer days? Layer it with dainty gold necklaces and pendants to make it the star of the show.

Alternatively, an on-trend bar necklace is a good way to divide pieces that fall close to the neck.

Make a statement and go for maximum impact by choosing eye-catching, loud, and glamorous pieces. There are plenty of necklace choices that pop from bold and unique shapes to full-on art-deco sculptural pieces.

Wear one statement piece and layer with thinner, smaller ropes so it will really stand out.

Complete your layered necklace look with other pieces of jewelry that will complement but not outshine the trend. These can include pretty custom rings and dainty earrings.

4. Consider Your Neckline

The neckline of the top your pair with your layered necklaces will have an impact on the overall look. Think of it as like a frame for your chains.

The best way to rock necklaces trends like this one is to choose a deep neckline such as square, scoop, V-shaped, and cowl to really show off your efforts. The necklace of your top and the style of jewelry you wear should work together, rather than compete with one another. They should work as a great partnership that complements one another.

High necks still work with the layered necklace trend but making the combination work together can be a little more tricky. Make sure you choose a pattern or color of clothing that relates to your jewelry section and doesn’t clash or draw away from the layering trend.

Rocking the Layering Necklaces Trend to Suit You

We hope our tips help you piece together a perfectly put together layered necklace look that wouldn’t out of place on the pages of Pinterest!

Remember that while these tips are here to guide you, when it comes to the layering necklaces trend there really are no hard and fast rules.

As long as you mix and match necklaces, feel free to have fun and experiment with a variety of chains, styles, and pendants.

Some of the best-layered necklaces looks come from combining chains with variations in weight, size, metal, color, stones, and cost. As long as the look suits your own personal style and outfit choice, that’s all that really matters.

Have some old favorites that need a bit of TLC? If you have any broken necklaces that you’d love to incorporate into your layering look, you’re in luck! Check out our jewelry repair and design so you can continue to wear the pieces that mean the most, year after year.

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