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When I walked in to Moses Jewelers, my mother had passed away only eleven days earlier. The pain of my loss was immediately under the surface and welled and spilled as I brought out my mother’s three stone diamond ring and began to inquire about a custom jewelry order. The Moses store personnel immediately gave me sincere condolences and provided me with full professional attention.

I explained that my mother had recently passed from a very short illness. During that illness, she talked very little of her end of life wishes. She did, however, attend to her five grandchildren. For the oldest grandson, an artist like herself, she desired him to have all of her art supplies. For the youngest grandson, she gave one of her beautiful paintings. And for her three granddaughters, she asked me to divide her diamond ring into pendants for each of them.

My mother was an intelligent woman; concerned about world affairs. She appreciated the beauty of nature, often seen in her art. She enjoyed a great meal, good company and excellent conversation. My mother never pined over material things. When she mentioned to my father (after a trip to their local jewelry store for a watch battery) she might like to have one of the three stone diamond rings (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) the store offered, our war disabled father bolted out of the house with her to purchase the ring. We children knew how special this purchase was.

Attempting to honor my mother’s wish for her granddaughters, I immediately took the ring to a local jewelry store to have the diamonds set in prefabricated pendants. By fate and good fortune, the pendants did not get made. I picked up the ring in tears, after my mother’s passing, went home, and found Moses Jewelers on the internet. I sketched a pendant of a tulip and its leaf encompassing a diamond. My mother so enjoyed receiving a beautiful bunch of tulips. The leaf of the tulip would be reminiscent of the letter J for our family name.

Moses and his staff offered the personal attention and care needed in my time of sorrow. The custom jewelry process went smoothly and was guaranteed to my satisfaction. Our family is deeply appreciative of the beautiful pendants produced through the design process.

Thank you on behalf of the family of Bette Callen Jones. Lori

I wanted to thank you for going above and beyond on the pearl setting you created for me. Moses Jewelers took personal time to hear what I wanted and the design created, went beyond my expectation! Moses Jewlers takes the time to listen and create a piece of art! I absolutely LOVE my handcrafted ring! If you want high quality with the BEST customer service, you need to make Moses jewels your jewelry store! We will not be going any where else! Thank you again to the Amazing staff at Moses! Kateina G.

Moses Jewlers has gone above and beyond my expectations. I came to Moses with a daunting task of putting together an engagement ring/band, and asked to create a unique design using heirlooms from my grandmothers, and mothers rings. I was very reserved when it came to find a professional that could handle such precious items, so when Moses said that he could have it complete in the time frame I needed, I was concerned but very optimistic. I was getting married in three weeks when I came to Moses, and he said that he could have it complete within 2. Not only did Moses complete this precious heirloom for my beautiful wife, but was able to hand deliver a one-of-a-kind work of art! The pieces he presented us has guaranteed a life-long relationship as being our personal jeweler. I personally thank Moses, and his staff for an excellent first-time experience, and look forward for the years to come! Shaun R.

If you are in the market for a custom piece of jewelry. I highly recommend Moses Jewelers!! They do quality work and have great customer service. I had a loose diamond and I wanted an antique setting. Thats about all i knew. At first, it was a little overwhelming in trying to figure out what I wanted but with Moses expertise he drew up design for me and had me come in person to go over my options. After we chose exactly what I wanted the ring was then created. It took about a three weeks for it to be completed. They were upfront with the cost from the beginning and they stuck to their word and there were no surprises- it cost just as they estimated in the beginning. I could tell it is a very honest, well managed, and organized store. I would definitely recommend this place for custom jewelry. L. Kasperkhan

Moses Jewelry = Quality Craftsmanship I walked into Moses Jewelry with two pieces- (1) A coin; and (2) A ring that needed a new setting. One week later I walked out of Moses Jewelry with a lovely, hand crafted bezel holding my coin, and the most beautiful ring, custom designed, crafted, and mounted with my stones. I had to hold back the tears. They are AMAZING! Both were more gorgeous than I ever imagined. Moses sat with me to discuss the design of my pieces. He was very helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to talk with. His attentiveness to my thoughts was gratifying. Moses knows jewelry, and treats customers with dignity and respect. His guarantee that I would love it or he would redo my pieces bonded my trust. Two weeks ago I had never been into Moses Jewelry. Now, I will not go anywhere else! Thank you Moses and staff! You provide exceptional customer service and attention to detail. I am thrilled! S. Lewis

My first experience with Moses Jewelers has truly set the bar so high that it’s hard to imagine a better place in San Antonio for all of my, or anyone’s, custom jewelry needs. The latest technology in computer-aided design (CAD) provided a remarkably lifelike rendering of the finished product, for approval, prior to beginning actual production of the piece; and to see this design come to life in a mater of days was amazing! Combine this with the personal interest and attention of their entire staff, for my project,makes it a pleasure to recommend Moses Jewelers to anyone who wants to see their designs beautifully and faithfully reproduced. This is a five-star establishment, in my opinion, with Super high standards and quality craftsmanship. Thanks again for the great work! Eddie R.

All puns aside, I recently stopped by Moses Jewelers off of Stone Oak Parkway in San Antonio (map) and was looking to get a few items appraised. I don’t do a lot of jewelry shopping (after being robbed I’ve sworn off ever buying expensive jewelry ever again), so on the rare occasions that I do go into a jewelers, I often take a look around and see what’s new, what everything is costing these days, and what kind of designs the store has. Moses Jewelers had some very beautiful diamond necklaces and earrings, the sort of things that I like (not for me to wear) and lacked, how do I put it nicely, some of the “tackier” jewelry I’ve seen in other shops.

In getting my stuff appraised, I actually met Moses himself and had a chat with him about the particular piece I was getting appraised, jeweler pricing (and mark up), and overall conditions of the market. Moses was a really nice guy; friendly and didn’t give me that feeling that I was a) unwelcome in his store or b) about to get ripped off. The particular piece I had was rather expensive when I bought it in Los Angeles and in talking about it’s value, Moses showed me some similar pieces at different price points to give me an idea of the value in today’s market. He was really good at showing me why the price was where it was at, instead of just telling me numbers off the top of his head and leaving it at that.

I wasn’t in the market to buy anything and Moses knew that up front, yet still treated me like I was in there to buy a million dollar ring and for me, that sort of treatment makes or breaks a business. If tomorrow I woke up and needed some jewelry, you can bet that my first stop would be his store based on the way he treated me and the informative nature of our talk. Check them out and tell me what you think, I’d love to hear some opinions from some people who have purchased from the store.

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