The circular diamond cut in jewelry and custom design

Diamond jewelers have attempted throughout history to make the best diamond cuts in order to increase the beauty and value of raw diamonds. There are many types of cuts that have achieved this goal, but perhaps none has been as popular nor important as the circular diamond cut. After many years and generations of diamond cutters, this did finally occur. The rough diamond cut became famous for its unique features and attractiveness to gem enthusiasts.

A circular shape, for a diamond, allows the gem to show off 58 beautiful sides, which are also more than any other kind of diamond cut. Due to this, the circle cut diamond, also known as brilliant round diamonds, are also very good light reflectors. They are the most popular diamonds on sale, and people search for them often. They make perfect engagement rings if that is what you’re after.

The circle cut is the most wearable of the diamonds, and this makes it the most popular choice for people. Whatever the build of the jewelry may be, the circle cut is an improvement to the visual appearance of the item. The bruting machine, invented in the late 1800s, made it so diamonds could be easily cut in the circular shape. Up until this point, diamonds had been cut in a cushion cut, and it wasn’t until this invention that circular cuts were feasible. These first circular cuts came to be known as European cut diamonds, and though they were the same cut as their modern counterparts, they were also much different than today’s round cuts.

Circle cut diamonds are usually sold for a higher price than other types of cuts. A reason for this price difference is because this gem’s roughness is usually taken away, which is expensive. Along with this, this kind of large, round diamond cut is in high demand very often, which makes them more expensive than they would otherwise be. They may be more costly, but they are extremely good choices for jewelry. They are visually appealing perfect fits that can be beautifully shown off if you ever wear them to any particular event. The circular cut diamond is a perfect choice for a custom-designed ring, pendant or earrings.

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