The signet ring – An Elegant and Historical fashion accessory.

When you hear the phrase signet ring you may think of medieval times, a time forgotten, where lords and kings would place finalize an important document with the seal of their ring. The signet ring has been around since before that, it’s beginnings in the times of the Old Testament. It was typically a flat ring with a reverse engraving, this engraving was used to seal clay or wax. In ancient times signet rings were not passed down to heirs as in after the 1800s, they were buried with the owner.

In modern times signet rings are not only worn by men but also women. They still harken back to a time of sophistication and fraternity. There’s never been a better time to have a custom designed signet ring. No longer is it a symbol of the coat of arms or related to a hereditary nature. Now you can have a ring created that expresses your interests and fashion style. An as mentioned before the signet ring is no longer just for the guys.

Utilizing your ideas and our CAD (computer-aided design) applications Moses Jeweler’s designers can create a signet ring that is from your dreams and captures your iconic personality. Your ring can be made from any color of gold and combinations of gold and can have embedded jewels and still maintain that ancient signet ring vibe. Through custom design and 3D printing in-house you can have your ring ready in a few weeks, not months. It’s one of the best times to have something created just for you or a loved one. You can have one foot in the past and another in the present with the creation of a signet ring.

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