Topaz – So many colors, so much joy – A great stone for any emotional connection, a perfect gem for custom design.

Topaz mostly is found in the colors of orange, yellow, bright orange, blue, brown and pink.Topaz is a Greek word and is from the word Topazios, which is the historical name for St. John’s Island located in the Red Sea.  The most well-known colors are the yellow and blue topaz. Pure topaz is mostly colorless and it is impurities that are involved in color changes or color can be manipulated through man-made processes. In history, topaz is thought to be calming for the emotions and has many different meanings across cultures. In India, the gem is tied to longevity and intelligence. Across Europe topaz was thought to temper anger and in Africa, the topaz has been used in healing.

Brazil, Mexico, Sri Lanka are the top producers of topaz. The imperial topaz is pinkish in color and is the main color sourced from Brazil, this is a highly popular color. Irridation and heat treatment developed in the 1960s was discovered to turn colorless topaz into blue topaz, which is now one of the most cost-effective colors available. Topaz is highly used in rings, pendants, and earrings. It’s the perfect affordable gem for a colored stone ring. Topaz is a hard and durable stone that makes it perfect for jewelry.

Topaz is the November gem and is the official gem of Texas. The reds, pinks and violet color variations tend to be the most expensive stones. As mentioned previously, blue, which is almost exclusively man-made tends to be the most affordable topaz color. Other gems that have been mistaken for topaz are citrine, a yellowish gem, and some quartz varieties. If you’re wanting an affordable stone for a custom designed piece, then topaz may be a gem you’ll want to consider.

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