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Aquamarine is the official March gemstone. Historically it is believed to help calm the seas and was used by sailors to aide in a safe voyage. It’s believed to keep the wearer level-headed and the temper cool. In Middle Ages, it was believed to reduce the potency of poison. In wedding jewelry, it’s used to represent longevity of love and unity. In other cultures, it was believed to help armies be victorious and cure an infection. In metaphysical history aquamarine aides in mental health issues and aides in energy balance and overall harmony in physicality and spirituality. Aquamarine is a beautiful light to dark blue.

Aquamarine in description is exceptionally transparent and bright. One of the most famous aquamarine representations is Queen Elizabeth’s Brazilian tiara. This is a great complement to diamonds in a wedding ring and is excellent in a pendant or bracelet. The most prized aquamarines come from Brazil. It is also found in Keyna, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and many other parts of the globe.

In our San Antonio Custom Design jewelry center we’ve used aquamarine in rings and pendants; however, it can be used in just about any jewelry piece. It is widely used in fashion pieces and bracelets too. We can help you design just about any piece with aquamarine. Use our convenient online form or give us a call to start discussing your custom designed jewelry at (210) 490-2404.

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