Rubies, the July Birthstone, historically represent passion and courage.

Rubies are a corundum gemstone along with sapphires. They are one of the most prized gemstones in existence and can be one of the most expensive. Rubies have been considered the king of all gems. Metaphysically rubies bestow fortune and bravery upon the wearer. In ages gone by women wore them for fertility and peace. The ruby is a universal sign of love and is often set alongside diamonds in engagement rings. In comparison with other gemstones, rubies are very rare. Rubies get their color from the trace element chromium. The darker the red, the more expensive the gem.

The world’s largest producer of rubies is Burma. They are also found in the United States, Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. They are among the top four most rare and prized gemstones. The other three are diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. The most prized rubies are called blood-red or pigeon bloodstones. They are one of the hardest gems on earth only superseded by diamonds and moissanite. Because of the color and durability, they are widely used in high-end fine jewelry. They can range in color from pink to dark red. On an interesting note, synthetic rod rubies are widely used in lasers.

Moses Jewelers have custom designed many of wedding and engagement rings with rubies. We’ve pretty much used them in all jewelry pieces including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, fashion pieces, signet rings, and pendants. If you have the idea and desire for a ruby custom design, we are the experts. We can custom design jewelry in person or through our convenient online form or by phone at (210) 490-2404. We can work with just about any budget and offer to finance.

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