Sapphire, a gem of loyalty and nobility, the September Birthstone

Most people think about the rich dark blue color when they think of the noble sapphire, but in reality, they come in all colors.  You could say they cover the colors of the rainbow. Trace elements such as copper and chromium tint the natural corundum various colors. There are even pink sapphires which can be mistaken for spinel or rubies. Red is the only color that cannot be considered a sapphire, as red corundums are rubies. There are also pinkish orange sapphires that can fetch a higher price than blue sapphires.  Sapphire means “blue stone”, it is greek in origin. Sapphires are the 2nd hardest gem behind diamonds. They are a great addition to engagement rings and fashion pieces.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September and also are used to represent the 45th wedding anniversary. They are found in Eastern Australia, Sri Lanka, China, and in Montana, USA. As mentioned before most people envision the dark blue gem when they think of sapphires. The more primary blue color the more expensive the sapphire paired with quality and clarity. Some sapphires exhibit a star-like feature. These are highly prized. The Star of Adam is a blue star sapphire that weighs 1404.49 carats.

Sapphires are the perfect gem for pendants and rings. Moses Jewelers custom designs practically all of our jewelry. A designer is with you from start to finish. We use technology to aid in jewelry design and you can actually view what your piece will look like before it is milled and set.  We can custom design jewelry in person or through our convenient online form or by phone at (210) 490-2404. We can work with just about any budget and offer to finance.

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