The April Birthstone – Diamonds, the hardest most popular gemstone.

Diamonds are 58 times harder than any other gemstone on earth. The can only be cut with other diamonds. They are the most popular gemstone for wedding rings but are an excellent choice for everyday wear. DIamonds historically are popular as a clear bright cut gemstone. In recent times however colors such as yellow, pink, blue and chocolate have become used widely and are just as durable and beautiful as their clear counterparts. Diamonds can and are used in just about any piece of jewelry. Historians believe that diamonds have been used and traded as early as 4BC.

Diamonds symbolize eternal and lasting love and harmony. This is why they are used widely in wedding rings and jewelry that symbolize love. Metaphysically they are used for healing and balance and are thought to help with blood toxins and brain healing. They first gained popularity in India, but now are world renowned and coveted. They are resistant to heat, they are extremely durable and are scratch resistant. As mentioned before they are cut with other diamonds. Diamonds truly are one of the greatest choices for any jewelry.

Moses Jewelers have custom designed hundreds of wedding and engagement rings with diamonds. We’ve pretty much used them in all jewelry pieces including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, fashion pieces, signet rings, and pendants. If you have the idea and desire for a diamond custom design, we are the experts. We can custom design jewelry in person or through our convenient online form or by phone at (210) 490-2404. We can work with just about any budget and offer financing.

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