The May Birthstone – The Emerald, An Ancient Gem.

Emeralds are the may gemstone. Emerald in ancient Persia was known as the green gem.  In the Papyrus Prisse, one of the oldest books in the world, emeralds are mentioned, in the translated text it means, “but good words are more difficult to find than the emerald, for it is by slaves that it is discovered among the rocks.” Emeralds were seen as rare gems. Emeralds were one of the first beryl gems to be discovered and documented. Emeralds were also prized by the Incas of Peru when they were discovered in Colombia. Emeralds were also prized by the Aztecs. Spanish conquistadors took thousands of emeralds back to Spain and also used them for trade. Royalty throughout the world has prized emeralds.

Colombia to this day still has the most prized emeralds, because of their quality and color. Emeralds get their color from trace amounts of chromium, this tends to form gems with the purest green colors. Other trace elements of vanadium and iron can be found in Brazil and Zimbabwe, but the color of the emeralds is not as green as the Colombian emeralds. Color and clarity are the most important factors in rating an emerald. Practically all emeralds have inclusions but oftentimes they do not detract from the value unless severe.

Emeralds are a great addition to wedding rings and are used widely in fashion rings and pendants. They can be incorporated in just about any type of jewelry. In a custom design, our jewelry design experts can show you exactly how the emerald will look in your piece before you make a final decision. Use our convenient online form or give us a call to start discussing your custom designed jewelry at (210) 490-2404.

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