Rubies, the July Birthstone, historically represent passion and courage.

Rubies are a corundum gemstone along with sapphires. They are one of the most prized gemstones in existence and can be one of the most expensive. Rubies have been considered the king of all gems. Metaphysically rubies bestow fortune and bravery upon the wearer. In ages gone by women wore them for fertility and peace. The ruby […]

Ear cuff jewelry is making a comeback, no longer a 90s phenomenon.

One of the biggest and most exciting current shakeups in the jewelry industry is the way ear wear has changed and been added to over the years, along with the loss of pre-perceived restrictions on it, like only using drops or studs. An increasing number of jewelry designers have been coming up with more ways […]

Mismatched Earrings – An emerging trend or not?

Just like mismatched nail painting has been a trend for the past year or more, mismatched earrings are becoming the next big trend, as mismatched shoes and other mismatched accessories were before it. The trend began when multiple celebrities were seen wearing the (unusual at the time) non-matching earrings at the Oscars and in Berlin. […]