10 Different Types of Women’s Fashion Rings You Should Be Wearing This Year

10 Different Types of Women’s Fashion Rings You Should Be Wearing This Year

Why be boring? It’s time to switch it up a bit! Don’t leave the house with naked fingers.

Your hands and fingers are just as fashion deserving as the rest of your body. So if you’re strutting the latest fashion styles as you walk to your local coffee shop, then you need to match it with fashion-forward rings! Your fingers want to join in on the fun too, so don’t leave them out.

Not sure where to begin? In need of some fresh ideas? You’re in the right place.

Stick around to get the latest on 10 types of rings that you need to show off this year!

1. Less Is More

Less is sometimes more. You’re not obligated to go big or go home if that’s just not your style. If simplicity is your thing, then don’t feel ashamed to stick by it.

Simply styled rings go great with your everyday casual outfits. Thin flat or rounded gold rings are a perfect go-to. And if you feel like you need a little bit more, go with a thin gold ring with a bit of texture.

This gives you more personality without losing simplicity.

2. Big And Bold

Don’t feel threatened by big and bold types of rings. If “big and bold” is a perfect description of your personality, then oversized rings are for you. These rings definitely make a statement.

They’re perfect for classic straightforward outfits. And with the large size of these rings, one is all you need for the final touch on your outfit of the day.

3. Birthstones

Styles may come and go, but one thing that will never change is your birthstone. Birthstones are unique to you and come in different styles of rings. They’re a true representation of who you are.

They can be a bit more meaningful to the wearer. There are simple designs and more extravagant ones that center around the colored stone of your month. Pick out silver or gold tones.

You can match the stone color to your outfit for a real fashion statement.

4. Stackables

Stackables are distinctive in their own way. These types of fashion rings can be placed directly on top of one another or separated by an inch or so. Some are even cut into designs that fit tightly up against one another.

Others have different patterns or designs but still closely resemble one another. You can also try placing on at the base of your finger and the other at the tip of your finger. And don’t be shy to stack more than two on the same finger.

Some stackable rings have a delicate chain that connects one ring to the other forming a truly elegant look.

5. Patterned

Showing off trendy patterns in your ring is a must. Different types of rings can be engraved with many individual patterns. If you’re an artist at heart, then you’ll love a ring with a unique pattern engraved into it.

These rings are great for an easy-going type of day. And with so many details, they’re sure to turn heads. Also, try glass patterned rings for a more sophisticated look.

6. Mother’s Day

Were you blessed with a mother’s day ring from one of your children? If not, don’t hesitate to pick one out yourself! Mother rings aren’t only for special occasions.

These rings go amazingly well with any outfit or style that you feel like rocking that day. And they should be worn year round. They can come as a single band with all your children’s small birthstones placed around the one large birthstone that is yours.

Or you can find these ring types as multiple bands. And each band has each child’s name on it. They’re the perfect way to display your best creations yet!

7. Antiques

Rings are considered antiques once they’ve been around for more than 100 years. These rings are extremely stylish and valuable. And if you own an antique ring, then chances are it’s probably a family heirloom.

And that means it’s value is most likely priceless to you. So don’t hold back from wearing this gem any chance you can.

8. Claddagh

The Claddagh ring is an Irish tradition. It includes a set of hands embracing a crowned heart. And it comes with great symbolism.

The hands symbolize friendship, the heart is for love, and the crown is for loyalty. Facing the heart towards you while wearing it on your right hand indicates that you are in a relationship. If worn with the heart facing away from you, then it shows that you are single and looking.

Finally, if the ring is worn on the left hand indicates marriage. These are special rings to have. And although many Irish women wear them to symbolize an engagement, promise, marriage, or their heritage, women of all backgrounds find happiness in flaunting them.

9. Timeless

3-stoned rings are also highly symbolic pieces. These rings symbolize the past, present, and future with three stones. The stones may vary in size, color, and shape.

But they always connect with one another beautifully. And the symbolism can change depending on the wearer. The three stone can also stand for children, yourself and your parents, and more.

Some people enjoy relating to it in a religious way with the three stones representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

10. Ring And Chain

Not ready for the ball and chain? Try out a ring and chain. There’s no denying that these rings are the face of elegance.

Chains and link two rings together on one finger or two rings together on opposite fingers. They can also connect a ring to a stylish bracelet for a real fashion statement.

Types Of Rings That Suit Your Fashion Needs

When deciding on the best types of rings for your fashion sense, keep this list in mind. And remember that you can customize them to fit your own unique needs.

For more on how to customize your jewelry, click over to our blog with tips on how to choose a custom jewelry designer for you!



Five Fine Jewelry Trends For 2019 – Big, Bright, Beautiful

Five Fine Jewelry Trends For 2019 – Big, Bright, Beautiful

If you follow social media and fashion shows you’ll see five trends emerging for early 2019 in fine jewelry. It seems that the minimalist jewelry direction has reversed and big and bold will dominate. Color, size, and quantity is important in following 2019 style.

Colored Gems

A mixture of colored gems has been mentioned quite a bit in our jewelry blog and it seems that this trend will grow even stronger in 2019. Combining different sizing of gemstones along with complementary colors is a great way to accessorize 2019. Accompany your gemstone with a larger metal set or chain and you’ll flow right along next year.

Layers of Jewelry

Hearkening back to the 80’s and 90’s, layered chains and lengths of chains was seen extensively at fashion shows this year. Long skinnier chains combined with bulkier chains along with gemstones is a great way to accentuate your style. For added flair stack up on the bangles. You’ll want to invest in some large danglers to go along with your chunky chains.

Big Earrings

To go along with the emerging trend of chunkier chains and layering is big earrings. Large hoops and earrings that dangle. Feathers, leaves and abstract images will dominate. Look at combining a hoop with a nice sized cross or disc. Again the trend of bigger is better isn’t just for chains. Add some dangling color to you earrings will set you on the path to fashion dominance.

Circles and Spheres

As the trend of huge hoops has continued into next 2019 so will the affinity for circles. Not just hoops, but solid circles and different types of fashion stones in the shape of spheres.  Pearls continue to be a dominant natural precious gem along with tear-drop multicolored gemstones. Don’t be afraid to mix non-traditional materials of glass and crystal with gold chains and earrings.


Chokers came back into style a few years ago. For 2019 chokers continue to be a huge fashion trend, now however you get larger chokers as compared to daintier more elegant. Large chain and thick material chokers were often seen at spring and fall fashion events. And as we’ve seen for 2019 bigger and bolder is better, you’ll see that trend continue into chokers and choker accessories.

You could say that 2019 is almost a trip back in time to 1989 as far as fine jewelry fashion goes. Brighter colors and bold chains and bracelets will dominate. Even the charms and danglers are bolder, both in size and color. Do not be afraid to mix colors, nor metals. A marrying of fabrics and precious metals together is exactly what will set you apart in 2019. Bold, beautiful, and colorful is the framework for 2019 accessorizing.



How to Choose a Custom Jewelry Designer

How to Choose a Custom Jewelry Designer

John Mason said: “You were born an original. Don’t die a copy”. In other words, be unique!

Over the last few years, consumers have been bypassing mass produced items and opting for unique custom made products. Why the increase? It all comes down to how the brain works.

According to studies, our love for customization comes from wanting to have full control. And when you’re buying jewelry, it makes sense that you want to have full control over your purchase.

But why should you buy custom-made jewelry? And how can you find a custom jewelry designer? Read on to find out all you need to make a crystal clear decision.

Why Buy Custom Made Jewelry?

Is buying custom jewelry worth the hype? Or is it better to buy from a store? Check out these 3 reasons why custom-made jewelry trumps all.

It’s One of a Kind

There are so many jewelry stores around, but sometimes you can’t find that dream piece you’re looking for.

Custom jewelry is designed from scratch. And the jewelry design is used only once. This makes it truly a one of a kind creation.

Get EXACTLY What You Want

How many times do you end up compromising when you’re shopping. “It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it will do…”

But when you’re buying something special, such as an engagement ring, there really should be no room for compromise. Opting for custom made jewelry instead of generic designs will ensure you’ll get exactly what you want.

It’s Made For You

Adjustments can be made to custom-made jewelry to suit those with sensitive skin. Most stores offer hypoallergenic jewelry, but there are a limited amount of designs.

If you have your jewelry custom made, your options are limitless. The jeweler will take your design and use a hypoallergenic material instead. For instance, platinum or palladium.

How to Choose a Custom Jewelry Designer

Choosing a jewelry designer isn’t as easy as randomly picking the first option you see on Google. Check out this step by step guide so that you can find the best designer to create your unique jewelry design.

Step 1: Vision

Whether you’re buying something for yourself, or you want to design the perfect gift you need to have a vision of what you want.

Figure out what exactly you have in mind. Be specific and jot down the essential elements of design:

  • Jewelry type (ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings)
  • Jewelry shape (drop down earrings or button style, round or regular pendant shape)
  • Metal type (platinum, gold, silver, titanium, tungsten)
  • Gemstones (diamonds, colored stones)
  • Overall Style (traditional, filigreed or contemporary)

You might not be an artist, but sketch it all out. Even if you don’t have a specific idea, write down the few thoughts you have. Whoever designs your jewelry needs to know they are on the right track in bringing your vision to life.

Step 2: Do Your Homework

Do your homework and research into jewelry designers. Reputable jewelers will have professional certifications to verify their trade.

Look at their web reviews. This will help you to see their reputation and whether their service was as good as promised.

Find out how long the company has been in business and what their specialty is. You need to make sure the designer’s strengths match the style you’re looking for.

Step 3: Step into Reality

Buying custom-made jewelry isn’t an online decision. Anyone can make a website look attractive, but not just anyone can craft a stunning piece of jewelry.

As it’s impossible to assess the quality of a piece on a computer screen, you should meet face to face with the designer. This not only gives you a chance to discuss your vision, but it will also help you to inspect their previous work.

Check their past designs. Look for mistakes. For instance, are the rings perfectly round, is the finish even, or does it look uncomfortable or tacky.

Show the designer your rudimentary sketch and go over each element of design. The jeweler will ask you questions and will refine your sketch.

Some may do this by hand, whereas others use 3D CAD technology. This sophisticated software will create a 3D image of your design. Then the jeweler will refine the design to make sure the proportions are exact and ensure that it will be comfortable to wear.

Step 4: Make Changes

Of course, your custom design won’t be ready after just one visit. Make several visits to check revisions.

Eventually, when you and the jeweler are both satisfied, you can give your final approval. Make sure you’re 100% sure before you give your final approval. Any adjustments after this point will be expensive.

Step 5: Don’t Forget the Paperwork

Before the jewelry is even made, make sure you get everything in writing. For instance, your responsibilities, the jeweler’s responsibilities, an itemized receipt, and the warranty. If you’re buying diamonds or gemstones, ask for a grading report from an independent laboratory for verification.

Paperwork is proof that the jewelers stand by their products. If they don’t offer reasonable return policies and warranties they likely don’t believe their jewelry piece is worth it.

Step 6: Art Takes Time

The time it takes to create a custom jewelry piece will obviously take longer than a generic store-bought piece. So be ready to pay that bit extra for the additional labor that’s required.

Be cautious if the jewelry store offers unbelievable discounts. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Trustworthy stores will have fair pricing all year round and simple sales with honest discounts.

If you’re worried about your budget, lay it all out before you even start designing. Then the designer can create something spectacular within your price range.

Allow at least 6-8 weeks for the piece to be complete. But there could be an extension on that timeline if you make several adjustments. You should keep this timeline in mind, especially if you have a specific date it needs to be complete by.

Custom Made Jewelry Near Me

Are you looking for a custom jewelry designer near you? If you’re in the San Antonio area, you’ve come to the right place.

Click here to find out how we can start the journey in bringing your vision to life.



Get Inspired; Get Engaged – 7 Custom Ring Design Ideas You’ll Both Love

Get Inspired; Get Engaged – 7 Custom Ring Design Ideas You’ll Both Love

Want to fall in love with your wedding rings as much as you love each other? It’s time to check out these amazing custom ring design ideas for some inspiration.

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most exciting, most nerve-wracking processes of your life. You want to get the perfect ring for your partner, to start off the rest of your lives the right way. But what if you just can’t find the right ring?

Getting a custom-designed ring can be the perfect way to make sure your engagement ring is everything you want it to be. The sky’s the limit with ring design, and you might not know where to start. Read on to get some ring design ideas to start you moving in the right direction.

Stick to the Classics

One of the most popular looks in engagement rings these days is a vintage-inspired look. The intricate metalwork, the prominent stones, and the elaborate designs make for rings as romantic as your relationship. But if you don’t want to try to find an actual vintage ring, or if you want vintage with a twist, you may be able to get a custom ring designed.

Talk to your designer about the elements you like in the vintage-inspired rings and what you’d like changed. Maybe you love the prominent central stone but want less intricate metalwork. Be specific about what you want, and you’ll wind up with a ring as timeless as your love.

Use Surprising Shapes

One of the best ways to create a one-of-a-kind ring is to use an unusual stone cut. Heart-shaped stones have gained popularity over the last few years. Trillion stones and marquise stones are also beautiful and unusual cuts.

You can also make a more traditional stone look unique by changing the way that it’s set. Turning a square cut stone in the setting can make for a beautiful diamond look. Oval stones can also be elegant when turned sideways in a setting.

Go Big or Go Home

If you have a large diamond, especially one that’s bigger than a few carats, that may be a very good reason to get a custom ring designed. In standard-issue settings, large stones can look clunky or can be insecurely set. You want your ring to show off your stone to its best effect.

Talk to your ring designer about working with a stone you provide. Some designers prefer to work with their own stones; some are fine working with customer-provided stones, as long as they are high quality. If you have a specific vision for how you want the stone to be set, make sure to tell them about that as well.

Get Colorful

These days, the traditional white diamond engagement ring is being set aside for more colorful rings. Sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, and other precious stones are coming back on the scene, and the results are stunning. If you’re wanting a unique ring, choosing a colorful stone can be a great way to set your ring apart.

If you do still want to use a diamond, but you want to add a bit of color, good news! Diamonds come in a variety of beautiful colors, including pink, blue, and even black. You can choose the stone that’s right for you and have a ring that’s every bit as vibrant as your relationship.

The Setting is Everything

While it is important to make sure you have the right stone, the setting is really what makes the ring. Whether you’re wanting simple and elegant or glamorous and intricate, the setting is where you can get your aesthetic across. It’s also a great opportunity to work in some personal touches.

Talk to your designer about the look you want for your ring. How do you want the stone arranged in the setting, and are there specific details you want the setting to have? You and your designer can work together to craft the perfect setting for your ring.

Include Hidden Messages

One of the most special things about engagement rings is what they symbolize. This ring is a representation of your love and the promise you and your partner have made to spend the rest of your lives together. Working in a little-hidden symbolism in the ring can make it even more special.

Some engagement rings have messages etched into the inside of the bands. Others may have knots on the bottom of the band, to symbolize the bond of your marriage. One beautiful option is to include your partner’s birthstone hidden on the inside of the band beneath the center stone.

Work with a Custom Designer

While you can certainly customize rings through a website, the capacity for custom design there is limited. Your ring should be as personal as your love. Working one-on-one with a custom designer can be a great way to ensure that you get the ring you and your partner want.

Custom ring designers will often have standard ring designs they sell, too. Shop around and find a designer whose existing work you like. Then reach out to them and discuss what would be involved in custom-designing your ring from the ground up.

Find More Ring Design Ideas

Custom-designed engagement rings are incredibly special. Having a personalized ring for a personal love means a lot. It’s a great way to make sure that you and your partner get the ring you want and that you’ll be happy with for all the years to come.

If you’d like to get started on your custom engagement ring design, reach out to us at Moses Jewelers. We’ll work with you on your engagement ring design ideas to produce the perfect piece. Get started with our custom ring design process today.



Rubies, the July Birthstone, historically represent passion and courage.

Rubies, the July Birthstone, historically represent passion and courage.

Rubies are a corundum gemstone along with sapphires. They are one of the most prized gemstones in existence and can be one of the most expensive. Rubies have been considered the king of all gems. Metaphysically rubies bestow fortune and bravery upon the wearer. In ages gone by women wore them for fertility and peace. The ruby is a universal sign of love and is often set alongside diamonds in engagement rings. In comparison with other gemstones, rubies are very rare. Rubies get their color from the trace element chromium. The darker the red, the more expensive the gem.

The world’s largest producer of rubies is Burma. They are also found in the United States, Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. They are among the top four most rare and prized gemstones. The other three are diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. The most prized rubies are called blood-red or pigeon bloodstones. They are one of the hardest gems on earth only superseded by diamonds and moissanite. Because of the color and durability, they are widely used in high-end fine jewelry. They can range in color from pink to dark red. On an interesting note, synthetic rod rubies are widely used in lasers.

Moses Jewelers have custom designed many of wedding and engagement rings with rubies. We’ve pretty much used them in all jewelry pieces including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, fashion pieces, signet rings, and pendants. If you have the idea and desire for a ruby custom design, we are the experts. We can custom design jewelry in person or through our convenient online form or by phone at (210) 490-2404. We can work with just about any budget and offer to finance.



June has three gemstones, pearl, alexandrite and moonstone.

June has three gemstones, pearl, alexandrite and moonstone.

June traditionally has three gemstones, however, two are the most common, pearls and alexandrite. Pearls are the only gemstone that is made by a living creature, an oyster, mussel or clam. Pearls come in a variety of colors from white to black and in between. The most prized pearls come from the South Sea. They are some of the largest pearls. Other popular pearls come from the Akoya oyster around Japan. The black pearl typically comes from the Tahitian area of the South Sea. Pearls are a great “gem” to utilize on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Alexandrite is a color changing gem original found in Russia’s Ural mountains and is now found in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil. In the sunlight, they are a bluish green and indoors they can throw off reddish tones similar to dark rubies. In other types of light, they can be a purple color. They are truly spectacular and are quite rare. Alexandrite is a chrysoberyl, which is common, however, the alexandrite gem is considered rare. Stones that have the most expansive color shifts are highly desired and can be the most costly. Alexandrite can be synthetically produced but not to the quality of the natural gem and is easily discernable under inspection by a gemologist.

Moses custom jewelry designers can create just about any type of ring, pendant, necklace or earring with pearls or alexandrite. Pearls offset with diamonds can be a beautiful fashion ring and alexandrite can be that extra special addition to an engagement ring or pendant. If you have the idea and desire for a diamond custom design, we are the experts. We can custom design jewelry in person or through our convenient online form or by phone at (210) 490-2404. We can work with just about any budget and offer to finance.



The May Birthstone – The Emerald, An Ancient Gem.

The May Birthstone – The Emerald, An Ancient Gem.

Emeralds are the may gemstone. Emerald in ancient Persia was known as the green gem.  In the Papyrus Prisse, one of the oldest books in the world, emeralds are mentioned, in the translated text it means, “but good words are more difficult to find than the emerald, for it is by slaves that it is discovered among the rocks.” Emeralds were seen as rare gems. Emeralds were one of the first beryl gems to be discovered and documented. Emeralds were also prized by the Incas of Peru when they were discovered in Colombia. Emeralds were also prized by the Aztecs. Spanish conquistadors took thousands of emeralds back to Spain and also used them for trade. Royalty throughout the world has prized emeralds.

Colombia to this day still has the most prized emeralds, because of their quality and color. Emeralds get their color from trace amounts of chromium, this tends to form gems with the purest green colors. Other trace elements of vanadium and iron can be found in Brazil and Zimbabwe, but the color of the emeralds is not as green as the Colombian emeralds. Color and clarity are the most important factors in rating an emerald. Practically all emeralds have inclusions but oftentimes they do not detract from the value unless severe.

Emeralds are a great addition to wedding rings and are used widely in fashion rings and pendants. They can be incorporated in just about any type of jewelry. In a custom design, our jewelry design experts can show you exactly how the emerald will look in your piece before you make a final decision. Use our convenient online form or give us a call to start discussing your custom designed jewelry at (210) 490-2404.



Custom fashion ring designs that give a nod to the past

Custom fashion ring designs that give a nod to the past

Cocktail rings, a type of fashion ring, sometimes referred to as dinner rings, are quite large, and as a result of the way they are built, rise a fair amount off of the finger wearing it. These were originally a trend in the 1930s and were worn to what eventually became their namesake, cocktail parties. They are set with a lot of big, colored gems and smaller diamonds that come together to make it look beautiful, overdone, and elegant, as they were meant to be when taking them to these parties. Some may say that they look gaudy, but for a fashion statement, they’re on right on par with the single earring trend happening in 2017 and continuing for the near future.

Contemporary fashion rings are up to date, modern rings that are fashioned around not only around current industry standards and styles but also are harkening back to past ring designs with contemporary metal and gem combinations. You could say they are a new twist on new old-school contemporary. The style, design, cut, design, or even the materials that you choose to use to make it, such as rose, white and yellow gold combinations, can all determine whether or not it can truly be classified as an old-school style contemporary ring. The design is meant to evoke a feeling of belonging to an older era but at the same time screaming, look at me I’m modern too.

As always, all custom fashion ring design or cocktail ring design and manufacturing is performed in-house at Moses Jewelers, from creation to completion, we’re here to help your dream come to reality.