Five Fine Jewelry Trends For 2019 – Big, Bright, Beautiful

If you follow social media and fashion shows you’ll see five trends emerging for early 2019 in fine jewelry. It seems that the minimalist jewelry direction has reversed and big and bold will dominate. Color, size, and quantity is important in following 2019 style. Colored Gems A mixture of colored gems has been mentioned quite […]

Get Inspired; Get Engaged – 7 Custom Ring Design Ideas You’ll Both Love

Want to fall in love with your wedding rings as much as you love each other? It’s time to check out these amazing custom ring design ideas for some inspiration. Buying an engagement ring is one of the most exciting, most nerve-wracking processes of your life. You want to get the perfect ring for your […]

Sapphire, a gem of loyalty and nobility, the September Birthstone

Most people think about the rich dark blue color when they think of the noble sapphire, but in reality, they come in all colors.  You could say they cover the colors of the rainbow. Trace elements such as copper and chromium tint the natural corundum various colors. There are even pink sapphires which can be […]

Aquamarine – The March Gemstone, calm and soothing.

Aquamarine is the official March gemstone. Historically it is believed to help calm the seas and was used by sailors to aide in a safe voyage. It’s believed to keep the wearer level-headed and the temper cool. In Middle Ages, it was believed to reduce the potency of poison. In wedding jewelry, it’s used to […]

Garnet – The January Birthstone – The dark red gemstone that comes in many shades.

Garnet is a translated from Greek as literally “dark red”, however, the stone comes in many shades and colors. Garnet is actually a collection of various minerals that share similar properties. You’ll find red, yellow, orange, green, brown, pink, purple, gray, and black among the most common colors. Because this is a collection of various […]

Different types ways to set gems into jewelry – Jewelry Terminology

Individual pieces of jewelry, called findings, can either be made as single pieces or made from different components. These different components can be stringing material for bead threading, clasps, bails, and metal loops. Settings are places where gems are held in unfinished rings, pendants, or anywhere that can feasibly hold gems. Then, after the process […]

Modern Jewelry Design & Craftsmanship – CAD – Computer Aided Design

It is a fact that computers and advanced technology have changed the face of every industry, and a clear example of this is the tech being used in computer-assisted design, or CAD, for jewelry. Initially, there was the doubt that the pre-tech artist’s skills could be replicated by computer-assisted design. The skills of experienced model […]

Pearls and Pearl Jewelry – Characteristics to consider.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have always been constant as a crucial component in many jewelry lover’s collections, whether it be traditional or modern creations. When choosing your preferred pearl beads for a necklace or a bracelet, the criteria that was also useful in jewelry shopping should also be taken advantage of here. There are five physical factors that […]

Is there a difference between natural diamonds and man made diamonds?

Many people love diamonds, but not all of these gems are natural. There are certain kinds of diamonds, known as either lab-grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds, that aren’t fully natural but appear to resonate with the same characteristics that make natural diamonds so appealing. These artificial diamonds are defined as a “man-made reproduction of a […]